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What is the Mortgage Broker Club?

Our aim is to learn, collaborate, and problem-solve to help clients and mortgage brokers receive unrivalled service and benefits via the Mortgage Broker Club.

Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for mortgage brokers of any size.

FREE to access broker tools section aims to provide a convenient way of researching and securing new partners e.g. a network, packager, insurer, lead generation partner.

FREE & no-obligation unique conveyancing service.

Custom-built software.

A cherry-picked unique conveyancing panel by leading legal experts.

Unique case tracking with us policing the firms 24/7.

All this plus your referral fees and FREE leads!

FREE and no-obligation online mortgage leads from an industry-leading compliant lead generator. Busy now? No problem build the lead kitty up for a time when you need or want them!

FREE to register wills & probate service

Register with us for FREE and with no-obligation and enjoy a FREE trial of the interactive will writing system

Test the simple Q & A interactive process and review for yourself!

Our memberships seek to enhance your online reputation providing you with more organic online leads, increased repeat business, increased word of mouth referrals, improved customer reviews, with a stronger local and online presence.

FREE to access blogs & media section will provide you with industry-specific insight from leading experts supporting you and your business.

Conveyancing comparison service with FREE leads!

Register for FREE with NO-obligation and trial our conveyancing service here

For more information review on the conveyancing service click here

Brokers benefit from:

  • Bespoke conveyancing panel including CQS standard firms, Lexcel accredited, award-winning conveyancing solicitors
  • Automated quotes
  • Choose your referral fee
  • Automated & detailed updates 
  • 24/7 support from us – any issues just pass them on to us to resolve
  • Strict service level agreement (SLA) ensures transparency of solicitor standards and consistency of performance
  • Legal ready firms ensure rapid case completions
  • Use cashback on mortgages with our unique legal panel
  • Alternative to FREE legal thanks to our partnership with Online Discount Club
  • Brokers receive FREE compliant online leads 

Our aims

Happy clients mean happy mortgage brokers which makes us happy too.

Collaborating, listening, working with mortgage brokers to meet the issues of today and challenges of the future are key to what makes us different. 

We focus on 4 key areas:

1. How mortgage brokers secure new clients

2. How to make the client and mortgage broker journey free of any friction and unnecessary delays

3. Ensuring a 5* legal service for mortgage brokers and clients

4. Increasing word of mouth referrals and repeat business for mortgage brokers

Whether you use our free to access unique conveyancing software and service, subscribe to our customer rewards service, use our additional broker services, or enjoy the content delivered via our LinkedIn and Facebook channels, we hope every mortgage broker benefits from our range of services.

Expertise & Community

After a successful pilot with mortgage brokers, we expanded all of our services for mortgage brokers.

We hired industry-leading sector-specific experts, expanded our range of services to meet mortgage broker needs, invested significantly in unique software upgrades with the world’s best technicians, to ensure we deliver an unrivalled service for mortgage brokers and their clients.

We want to create a community and partnership with mortgage brokers for the long term.

We can only do that via collaboration, listening, and problem-solving.

Will we focus on raising standards and improving every day of every year? Yes

Will we all make mistakes? Yes.

Our determination is to always put clients and mortgage brokers first whilst delivering unrivalled value and services for our partners and clients.

Enjoy our FREE to access services

Check out our customer reward service and mortgage broker tools to help and support your business and clients.

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