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Kim Calvert Interview | MLC Show For Property Professionals

On the MLC Show for Property Professionals we interviewed Kim Calvert of Dynamite Lifestyle.

Kim Calvert is the CEO and founder of Dynamite Lifestyle Ltd. Kim is a global expert in high performance, both on a personal and professional level. As a success mentor and international speaker, Kim devotes her life to helping others ‘waken up’ and live enriched fulfilled lives by thinking into results, one thought at a time.

Kim works closely with her personal mentor Bob Proctor and is a fully certified Consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Kim is one of Bob Proctor’s top global Consultants, is apart of his Inner Circle, has also been awarded on multiple occasions within the company, and is an exclusive member of the Proctor Gallagher Institute Circle of Excellence.
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Sean Rogers interviewed Kim in November 2020.

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Kim Calvert Interview

How have things been in 2020? How are you?

– I have had a wonderful year, Sean. I am not going to lie. It is very interesting when I talk to people outside my own little bubble. Because they use words like crazy and you know, all this madness and to be honest within our company and within the work that we have done and the clients that we have been working with, all we’ve seen is quantum leaps and results. And I think it just goes to show, you know, whilst we are seeing a lot of contrast and a lot of strange things happening. Ultimately we all have a decision to make. Are we going to find the opportunity or are we going to get kind of lost in the mass chatter and stress that goes with that? So I’ve had a great year. Our clients have had a great year and we are excited to bring it to an end and then bounce into 2021.

Before Dynamite Lifestyle what was your working career like? What were your experiences like? What was your life like in the lead up to that?

– Yeah. To put it very bluntly. I was kind of very like everybody else. I had been brought up in a home which we were taught work hard, study hard, get a good job. If you get a job with a pension, you are absolutely lucky and hold onto it. So I actually spent nine and a half years as a clinical nurse specialist working in psychiatric nursing here in Northern Ireland with young people. And whilst it was a great job, I was earning 35,000 a year. I was working 37 and a half hours plus all the hours that we do not count of which we always end up working. And essentially I kind of got to a point in my life, I was maybe 28 where I realized this is not sustainable. This working harder and harder and harder every single year and not seeing really any fruits of that labour there was no extra money really coming in, despite the fact I was putting in more effort and I was not happy in my relationships. My health was not in a good place. So I kind of made a decision it was actually in a pet shop. This defining moment of my life when I actually found myself in a pet shop and I couldn’t afford the dog food. That was the changing moment in my life. Now a lot of people will ask you why can you not afford dog food when you are a 24/7 clinical nurse specialist? Well, I think if you ask any person right now who is deemed to have a good job, nobody has money. Very few people when you ask them, how is life? How’s things? How is the job? How is the money? It is never super positive answers. And for me, that was not good enough. So it was at that point.

Too much month at the end of the money……….

– Yeah exactly, exactly. And I just kept seeing this pattern and I was seeing it by myself. And the scary thing for me Sean was I was seeing it with other therapists who were maybe 30 years ahead of me. And I am going, you are sitting in the room next to me. I am not sure I want to be here for 30 years. So I very much made a decision at a very low point in my life. I had four pound 20. My partner had run off with a lot of money, I had gone through a lot of personal difficulties. And I was really just kind of rock bottom but I made a decision and I went look, I have to take some responsibility here. I cannot keep doing the same thing to expect a different outcome. But I have got to get somebody to mentor me. I need some guidance because I had no real ideas. And that is when I reached out and I got a high-performance mentor, Bob Proctor and I started working with him. And in a very short space of time, my life just completely flipped upside down. I did own a nutrition company as well, but I dumped that and decided to focus my career path on helping others in high-performance. I think I went down the right route with mental health nursing. But honestly the route I wanted to go down was not just to make people be, you know, well by kind of world health organization terms, which is in the absence of disease. That is not well to me. Well is when we’re living, when we are absolutely thriving and we’re living the lifestyle we want to live. We have got money we want to have. We got the time, we got family we want to have. So I visibly then decided I’m going to start my own company. I am going to work all over the world. I am going to awaken people up one thought at a time. And I did that and I ran a seven figure multi seven figure company, just doing that. I am number one in the world for Bob Proctor. And I travel the world, teaching, speaking, and mentoring individuals from all walks of life, to really quantum leap and multiply their results, which is pretty awesome.

– It is really inspiring that when you were setting out on that journey, did you actually have a vision that that’s where you wanted it to go? And did you actually believe that that would happen or was that not necessarily your expectation but things just snowballed in the early stages?

– It is a great question Sean and essentially what I thought then and what I know now looking back with a certain different level of awareness can kind of change that. At that time what I knew was that I was not happy. What I knew, you know when we divide what we think is going on and we divide the ego from what we really think. I knew there was something out there better. I knew there had to be a better way. I knew that there was other people in the world living a lifestyle that I wanted and there had to be a different way. And then when I had this feeling, I will never forget. I was sitting at my desk, you know when you just come in into your office and you sit down and you kind of look out the window and it was kind of like, is this it? There has got to be more. So for me Sean it was this feeling of something like pulling me saying there is something more out there. Now when that pull comes, that’s when of course our fear will creep up and go oh, but hold on. This is a good government job. This is a secure income. All of these things, you’ve got a mortgage, you’ve got all of these things. Why would you, you know, give this up? And that was playing in my head as well. But for me, I could not sit and just be content. And I was not going to just conform to what the status quo was. So did I have belief in myself at the time? No, but what I did have was a feeling of knowingness that there was more. And then I did the next best thing that you could ever do. And do not even ask me how I knew to do it. But I got a mentor, you know I did not have to believe, I couldn’t believe in me. I have no evidence, but what I could believe in is somebody else who was showing me a direct process to follow who demonstrates by results. So thankfully I was somehow smart enough to find somebody who could lead me down that path of success.

– Brilliant. And what was the first moment when you went “yes!”, that is a turning point or that is the work that I’m doing with my mentor. That moment if you like, when you realized that this is going to have an impact on me. I am imagining that you, when you start, I imagine you going into that with a bit more hope than expectation. When did the hope go and it was like wow, this is going to be brilliant?

– Well I don’t, I’m not even sure I went into it with some hope. I went into it slightly terrified because you got to put yourself in my position. I was 28 years old. I was a nurse. I have no business background. My dad was an entrepreneur. Sean, I grew up in that environment,. But I had no idea, I am also dyslexic. I absolutely hated school. I still do not know my times tables. So for me to say, I’m going to go and start a company in business working with some of the top CEOs and multi-millionaires and help them with success, was a joke. Everyone around me laughed at me. I did not even tell my parents, my friends thought I was crazy. All the other nurses were like, just get her out. And there is me running around going, I am going do this. Now I have done it and it is wonderful. But the defining moment for me, when I realized I was in the right place was when I was in America working and I was in a seminar and Bob said one quote. And man did it make an impact. And he says, if I want to be free then I have got to be me. Not the me that you think I should be. Not the me, my dad, my mom and my parents, my wife, my husband think I should be. But if I want to be free, I have got to be me. So I better know who me is. And that broke me. Because I had not a clue who I was. I had no clue who I was on the inside. And this is what we see. A lot of people, they do not know who they are. They do not know what they truly want. And we have been brought up and we fall into categories, jobs, positions and we’ve all been taught the same. Work hard, get a good job and you will do well in life. But we have got to stop and ask ourselves, why is 97% of the population not doing that great and don’t have goals. Whilst 3% of the population are earning most of the money? And there is this thing going on. And a lot of people are not realizing they are not waking up to it because they’re so in the thick of just keep going, just keep going, just keep going. Come up for air now and again but do not even dare stay, just keep going. So for me, when I started to really understand how results happen, how we live in the house we live in, how we earn the money we earn every month, how everything operates in our lives. When you understand the root cause of results, then you have got the solution. Instead of treating symptoms instead of running around firefighting and reacting, you start to respond. And for me, I think that is the number one important thing in life is that calmness of mind that certainty in knowing of who we are and when you’ve got that right, the money comes, the people come, the clients come, you know, it all falls into place. So it’s really more about looking inside rather than outside.

– Looking at the property sector right now, it is really interesting that there seems to be for some a lot of stress in that sector right now. There has been a conveyance logjam since March pretty much because of, lockdown, remote working, lenders taking longer, the stamp duty holiday offered by the government. Now you have got the alternative side of that which is by potentially not extending the deadline past the 31st of March everyone is now in a rush to try and get all the work through that they can during that period. That does not include the boom and extra work on top of that, there is only so many hours in the day. It is a stressful time for many anyway cause they have given up, maybe some of the hobbies, not see friends and family as much as they want, due to the lockdowns. Many might have elder relatives to care for, kids who cannot go to school.

What is your advice to whether it be mortgage brokers, estate agents, lawyers even who are looking to manage their work and diary and ensure they get the very most out of that working week and meet those challenges.

– Sure. That is a great question. And I mean, ultimately you know, this has happened, this year 2020 it has happened. We cannot change it. So it’s all comes back to how we deal with what we’re being presented to. So anytime something happens in our life we either react to it, and when we react, we give our power away. Or we can respond to it. When we respond, we stay in control. So the first thing I would be saying to everybody is, it is what it is, it’s happened. And my three kind of prong approaches. It is what it is, harvest the good, forgive the rest. And what that really means is, it has happened. We can’t change it, we can’t erase it. So we’ve got to find the good in it. Now, the lovely thing about when you start to understand quantum physics, which is the thing I specialize in is, everything in this universe, everything in this world has an opposite. You know, there is an inside to this room and there is an outside to the room. There is a front and there is a back. There is an up, there’s a down. There is an on, there is an off. So when there is a problem, there is always a solution. And when there is, you know, these struggles in these crazy times, there is also blessing, there is also calmness and serenity. But it was only what you focus on. So really what it comes down to, and this ties in with you know, looking at time, looking at routine, looking at diaries, we are all governed by our thinking. Our thoughts are what are creating our reality. You know, you are mentioning it is a very difficult time, but I also work with many, many people in that industry. And it has been some of their best months. One of my clients has multiplied his business by 95% in the last five months. One guy’s been bringing in, I think he got five multimillion dollar, I mean, multi-million pound mortgage contracts through in England this week. So you got to remember, not everybody is struggling. And when we are in groups of people who are struggling, we talk about the struggle. And that obviously amplifies it. So essentially what we have got to realize is, it’s our attitude to life that will be life’s attitude to us. And when I talk about attitude, it is not just some nice little cute saying. Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Now I think everybody will agree that our results are a direct reflection of what we go out and do. But what we teach is actually let us take out a step back. It is not just your behaviours because what creates behaviour? Well, it is the mindset. Our thinking is what stimulates behaviour which then goes out and gets a result in life. So that is where results come from, our thoughts. So when we come to looking at time, when we come to looking at there’s a lot of work, well the bottom line is we all get the same 24 hours in a day. So the biggest misconception that I see in the business world is time management. It is like my pet hate, okay. And simply because there is no such thing it cannot even remotely exist. You cannot manage time. So the key is not to manage time but to manage our activities. And this is where most people have not a clue what ends is up. And if you know, they get to the end of the week and I mean, I am not getting at anyone. I live that too but we get to the end of the week and we’ve been working so hard but we look at the calendar or the diary and we go, what exactly did we do? And that is what really causes frustration, anxiety. It is this perpetual running after trying to get ahead. And actually what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to slow down, and speed up in the mind. We have got to start to really look at, am I reacting or am I responding? What is my priority? What are the income producing activities that I need to do? Like so many professionals at all levels are doing jobs that are below their pay grade. Trivial stuff, admin, all the stuff that we should not be doing. So one of the big things that I help individuals is to create some order in their working life so that they can go home and be with their loved ones and actually switch off. Because people go home and spend time with their loved ones but they’re still switched on. I was that person. I used to sit in the sofa and watch the film, but in my mind, I am like going through work. And we all do it and that is not great. You are there in body but you are not there in mind. So the key really is you’ve got to understand what your job role is. If you need other people like I have another three D’s to remember. You either do it, you either delegate it or you ditch it. And we do not do that enough. Because the things that we need to ditch, I mean, we are missing things anyway, so you might as well ditch them. Or delegate it to somebody else. So the key is we’ve got to stop trying to fix things on the outside. The solution to all of our problems is internal because it’s our thinking, it’s our habitual patterns, our habits and our beliefs and our confidence. That is actually what is creating our results in life.

– Yes, like you say, if you are going to be at the party.

– Yeah.

One of the big things this year I have seen … and I think mortgage brokers have a skillset that a lot of other sectors could learn from. A lot of their stuff is out of their control. If you think about it conveyancing lawyers, lenders, differences in criteria, clients, circumstances changing with employment or anything like that. They have got to spin a lot of plates and chase a lot of people with the pressure of, I eat what I kill. And I think especially in the legal sector they have struggled. Many have panicked and said we need to turn down work, we cannot cope, and not many seem to be having any fun. I can count on one hand how many firms that I am aware of, and I am talking hundreds here, that have actually changed their internal structures or done something internally to relieve that pressure. The majority of that market is just stumbling one day to the next. They haven’t put the handbrake on and say “we’re going to take two hours out, or we’re going to find two hours to have a meeting to sort this and grow and take advantage of this opportunity” and actually update clients more, get in touch with clients more, deliver a better service more often. Whereas actually there’s a few exceptions but mainly through the market you’ve just seen complaints about lawyers this year rise sadly.

– Yeah. You know, it is so interesting. And I totally take all that on board. And I suppose most important thing for every individual is to actually not think about those things. Now that is where the trick comes in because you know, there is evidence out there you have seen it, you know people, there has been hard times. But my methodology around it is well, whatever we think about is what we attract into our life. We live in a universe that operates by universal laws that govern everything. We cannot get around that, it does not change for anybody. The problem is most people are ignorant to these laws and they are working against themselves when they could actually open up to have more ease, flow and joy in their business. This is how I have helped so many individuals create that mental freedom which creates the freedom right here. But the big problem is two things that I kind of picked up in what you were saying is, people can audit. I mean, we are not silly people. We can all look at our calendar and go, right. It should be like this, it should be like that, it should be like that. That is not the problem. The problem is we do not stick to it. The problem is you can have this beautiful, wonderful colour coordinated calendar but it means diddly-squat because we don’t do it. And this is why I kind of crack up when I hear about time management because it’s easy to say how you want your day to go. But it is not easy to do it. And the reason that it is not easy to do it, is because we do not understand why we don’t do what we already know how to do. So I could ask all of your viewers do you know right now how to do 1% better in your life, in your marriage, in your business, in your health. And the answer will be yes, across the board. And my question is, why do we not do 1% better if we know how to do it? And the answer to that is, because where our results come from is our subconscious mind and that controls 96% to 98% of everything we do. So it’s like autopilot. We do not even have to think, we just do it. But our conscious mind, which is where we do think, where we have our intellect. It controls two to 4%. So we build this diary with our consciousness our two to 4% and go yep, this is perfect. I’m going to do this, I’m going to get up early. I’m going to go for a walk and I’m going to go to the gym and we’ll do all these wonderful things. But when the time comes and the alarm goes off, the internal mechanism, your subconscious mind, which is in more control 94 to 96% of your behaviours, it clicks in and goes, no, no, you roll over and hug the pillow. Or you roll over and worry about your workload. So we have these thoughts and this unconscious dialogue that’s running all the time. And the other part to that is, and why most people do not slow down, is because it is governed by fear. They are worried about money because no matter who you are and what you say, money is very important. It’s not the be-all and end-all, it does not make you happy but it does make the world go round. And it is vital for our economy and it is vital for us. But in this world we are living in at the minute the money has not changed. Nothing has changed. Money is exact same. What has changed is circumstance. Now, when you understand what money is and money is energy, that is all it is. That is all that it is. Energy. Then you can start to crack the code because real wealth equals ideas and energy. So the people that are going to emerge into this new economy and I mean, we haven’t, this isn’t the first time this has happened. You read the books, Think and Grow Rich. You read all of those books. They talk about the great depressions that follow.

– The Roaring Twenties.

– [Kim] Exactly. At the 1920s, everyone was living that up. But there is the same amount of money then as there was now. Now that is the part that people kind of go, what does that mean? That doesn’t make sense, but money like the money we holding in our hand is just paper and coins. That is currency. It is a symbol. Money comes from ideas. And that is where we can become very wealthy. Ideas of how to give more value to your clients. Ideas of how you can restructure your business. Creative thinking is what takes us out of the competitive way of working. And that is who is going to lead. That is who is going to win in the new economy because we’re not worried about what is, we’re not thinking about all the doom and gloom. We are over here focused on the solution, focused on how we can create because the money has not changed. Now, what I would say on that is I do think that the money and who is hands it in, is changing. I think we’re going into one of those areas of life where it kind of flips. And since 3% of the population are earning most of the money, I think that 3% is going to change. And I think this is now our opportunity to decide do you want to be in the 97%, who earns 3% of the money? Or do you want to be in the 3% that earns the 97? So I know which group I want to be in and that all comes down to my thinking and how I operate on a daily basis.

– How would you recommend people keep over-delivering to clients, to try and maximize repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Unfortunately in some sectors when people are busy and stress customer service can be one of the things that suffer. So, in such a competitive environment what would you advice people to make sure they over deliver for their clients and maximize repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

– Yeah and it is I suppose it is a complex I am sure it takes a little bit more time. But what I would say is I do not think businesses has had any problem in doing it. I just think they do not do it. You go into any business this week, and go into any boardroom. I guarantee you, they are talking about problems. I guarantee you they are talking about how do we get new clients? And this is where we have got to really realize is, if we can not treat the people that we have already got well, if we cannot have a gratitude and a grateful attitude for these people, you’re not going to attract your customers. That is just the fundamental laws, okay? So, what we’ve got to really put our time and energy into is not putting people off work and taking their jobs from them. We should be developing people so our staff and our team. First, we need to develop our team not manage our team. And once we have locked in and a company has locked in their team and I think every business owner should know their team’s goals. Like not often enough do we talk about goals and yet goals is what helps people grow and expand. So when you have a team working in harmony with the company goals then as a part of that ethos and that attitude you then spend more time in board meetings, not talking about what went wrong and why it happened and how awful it is. But let us again, flip over into your creative way of thinking and think how can we deliver more? And I do not know the answer cause we are talking to people of many different companies, but your people know the answers. In fact, you know the answer. The difficulty is we have not stopped to think because we are firefighting. So the answers are always here. When there is a problem, there is always a solution. We just have to be thinking, what I would call the right frequency. If we are tuned in to radio one I can only hear Radio One music. If I want to know what is on Classic FM, I got to tune into Classic FM. Well, our mind operates on frequencies. We think on frequency waves. So if you’re on the frequency wave of a problem and worried about money and all the rest of it. Do you think you are going to hear the answer of how to deliver more and how to attract more clients? No. So we have got to flip the mind and the thinking that is where then we are together. And if we take every member of a company or a business think of them as a battery, put them all together. You have combined the energy. So when you have a group of people thinking in the alignment of how do we improve our quality of service to our clients? There is going to be some great ideas coming out of them. So I don’t think the difficulty is in finding the ideas. I think again, it comes back to are we disciplined? And are we in the habit of sitting down every month to think about how we can extend our service and value. That is where we need to be spending more time. And I think we’re just focusing in the wrong direction. I think that that is actually all that it takes. We do not need to work harder. We do not need to do more. We need to work less and we need to think more. And that is totally, totally not what we were brought up to do. We were taught go to school and work hard. So that is ingrained in our DNA. And now when you have got somebody like me coming along going hold on, you can work less and earn more. Like I have a client who was pretty much a brand new lady into the mortgage broker sector. And she was coming in as a newbie and she had two people on her team and she’s been working with me now for six months. She has now got three offices, 21 staff, and she is turned her annual income into a monthly income. All she changed was her mindset, her thinking. And if you look at any top performer in this world they all talk about mindset. They all talk about subconscious programming. So that is where we have just, got to go to the root cause of results. And all this other stuff it does not even matter, because it will not happen.

– On that kind of subject. There might be people listening to this who may be excelling in their personal life if you like but are not happy with how the businesses is or there might be people who are saying businesses is flying, really happy and comfortable in that environment but actually maybe I’m not in the sort of passionate relationship that I want to be in or maybe I’m having issues whether it be friends, families, kids. What would your advice be for people to try and strike that right balance not just in terms of time but in terms of the mindset and how you approached those areas of your life.

– Very simple. I would say, take yourself off for a day or an evening with a pen and paper. And I think get back to what are your goals in life? Because the goals are going to clearly outline what we want what we want in a relationship, what we want in business, all the details. We want to start focusing on that. Because again, if I was, you know, if I just bumped into somebody and I said well, how’s business? Very few people go, “oh it is brilliant Kim.” No they turn around and go, “oh well you know, it’s been a difficult year, blah, blah, blah.” And my point is our mind is energy.

– I am amazed when I hear people say, I am really frustrated that I have got too much business then months later they flip over and complain saying I’m really frustrated as I have got no business!

– Yeah, exactly. So it’s always a complaint. My point is, it is always a negative answer. Now again, go back to these frequencies. You cannot be in a negative frequency thinking lack and expect to attract abundance. I mean, it just does not happen. You can work as hard as you want. You will never see results. And we should be able to look back and go, actually this is true. I have been working harder and it is not working. So if you want harmony in your business and in your personal life. We have got to take time to actually ask ourselves, well do I have goals for my personal life? Do I have goals for my business? Because without goals and moving forward, you are moving backwards. And when we move backwards, if you are not creating, you are disintegrating that’s when relationships fall apart. That is when businesses fall apart because we’ve got lost in the rut of just keeping treading water instead of aiming for growth and expansion which always brings the best of you and a person out which of course lends to having family time, you know, enjoying a relationship. Many professionals are in marriages that are not where they want to be. A lot of people are in habit, not in love. And we are scared to stop. I mean we are all terrified. And we do not even know what we’re terrified of. But it is too scary sometimes to even press the pause button. But what I say to people is if you do not press that pause button, the stop button will come. And you know, it is interesting in the first part of our life most of us are trying to get more money. In the second part of our life we’re all trying to get more time. And what I am trying to say is we can have time and money the entire time. But you have got to get mental order, you’ve got to know where you’re going. And then you have got to look at where you’re at. And ask yourself are my habits, are my beliefs, you know how I see myself, is that in alignment with the person I want to become. That is when you line that up from the inside, it will always produce on the outside.

In terms of the people you’ve worked with, in the property sector. You were telling us this fantastic story about working with people to grow the business. The client earning their previous annual salary in a month and the growth of their offices. What are the common things that you have seen working with property professionals? Are you able to use the same sort of strategies and the same techniques? Or have you got to tailor your work Kim for the particular sector or is there a bit of an overlap?

– It is the same process. You got to realize that results in anything, I have worked with Olympic champions, I have worked with Premiership footballers, I have worked with people in property. I have worked with everyone. Stay at home moms who just want to start a business on the side. People who do not even want a business and they just want goals. The point is it does not matter who you are, or what you have done. The science of quantum physics, the science that underpins how our minds work is the same no matter what you do. So when you’re working with human potential and performance we all work the same way. It is up to you whether if you want to be in property, go to property. At the end of the day, we all want more clients. We all want more time, we all want more money. Freedom is what really we are all searching for. But freedom in a way so that we love what we do and we get to show up and create. So it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do. The fundamental of each of us as human beings is that we all work the same way, but we forgot that we’re human beings and we’ve now become human doings. And also depending on your age range shall we say, you’re going to be more, perhaps, this is a whole load of rubbish. As I think of my dad who is in his seventies a very successful entrepreneur in his day. He just thinks I am absolutely nuts. But yet what I’m trying to say to him is, well Dad, hold on, wait a minute. I am driving around in that Ferrari that you always wanted and never bought, so how am I the one that’s nuts?

I was working with a guy who was you know, an older gentleman and he came to work with me and he said, Kim, I’m a little bit hesitant. I am not sure if this is real or not. I was like okay, let us just try. And his goal, he is in investment, was to get 6 million under investment in this year. And I worked with him for six months. Well, we set the goals. He wanted 6 million under management. And within I think the first two weeks, because I helped him start to organize his business and delegate and attract people in, he ended up doing 12 million on a Tuesday afternoon.

– Wow.

– [Kim] Yeah. And it wasn’t because he went out, and found all these people to get money. He found one person that was able to find all the other people. So what we’ve got to realize is, it’s all about masterminding. It is all about being with the people in that high frequency, working with the 3%. And that is what really starts to open things up. But that was the same guy who was looking at me saying this cannot happen. But I tell you with 12 million on a Tuesday afternoon, he was happy. He listened to me.

– Definitely. And for people who want to learn more about what you do, for people who might want to sign up. What does that look like Kim? How does someone go about using the resources that you’ve put out there. Both into the public domain and via your one to one work.

– Sure. Well, we do a lot of different things. I am the main mentor of my company. There is nobody else who does that. And we have got several different programs, several different services. I do a one to one service. I work with a couple of multi millions dollar CEOs who are wanting to scale their business. So they would normally go for the one to one package. And that is really where I am just working with them on their stuff for the entire six months. Then I have other programs around sales, psychology, and how to execute the art of selling and the science of closing. And I’ve lots of different business development programs. The point being I do not. And you cannot even find my programs if you look on the internet. Because I do not believe in cookie-cutter advice. I do not believe in one thing suits all. Yes, it is the one science but what we do and what we specialize in, and why we get good results is we talk to people. I find out where you are at and if I can help you I will. If I cannot I will signpost you. So really if anyone’s listening to this and this has peaked their interest, reach out, book a call, we can have a chat and figure out a plan. And if it fits great and if it does not then no harm done.

– What does the next 12 months look like for you.

– Oh, it is getting big. It is getting big. The next 12 months some of them I can say, some of them I cannot say. But let us just say it’s going to be a big one.

– Come on tell us.

– Well there is non-disclosure, that is how big it is. But the next 12 months for me certainly is about taking the business over 21 million. That is my personal goal. And we are going to be doing that and expanding our services all over the world. Globally we have a new ambassador team coming on board and I have just launched my other company, Dynamite Digital. Which allows me, cause I see clients coming in. They get all these creative new ideas, especially actually cause we are talking about referrals, one of the big things I see in this market place is it is all word of mouth and that is amazing. That is gold. But what about all the other people that want your services as well? And we get so busy serving the referrals. We need to have systems in place that are also catching all these others and bringing them in. So what I have seen in my businesses is, there’s a lot of systems and processes missing to help people leverage their time. So we’ve built a company, Dynamite Digital, which now provides platforms for people to have lead generation, CRMs, landing pages, sales pages, all of that stuff. So yeah, big things. It is all very exciting. And I am going to be probably in America, hopefully in the middle of the year working with Bob Proctor.

– A quiet 2021.

– I know, not much happening!

You can learn more about Kim Calvert and her work with Dynamite Lifestyle here: https://dynamitelifestyle.com/meet-kim-calvert and book a complimentary call.