"BRRR" Strategy Explained & Reviewed

BTL Property Investing & The BRRR Strategy

Jamie Pritchard Interview

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BTL Property Investing & The “BRRR” Strategy

Jamie Pritchard of Glenhawk joins us for this special feature on property development & the BRRR strategy.

We pick Jamie’s brains on property investing strategies, options to extend a property portfolio, borrowing costs, and the current property market.

We also drill down on the BRRR strategy. For those who do not know the BRRR strategy is Buy, Refurbish, Rent, and Refinance. It is high risk if you do not know what you are doing but in the right circumstances with the right execution can be very rewarding.

Jamie provides insights, tips, examples for each element, and outlines the pro’s and con’s within the “BRRR” strategy.

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